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Young people have shown the world that they have the power to mobilise, communicate and challenge injustices that concern them.

I think the opportunity for the biggest shift in thinking and collective action is with young people.


THE WAKE UP CAMPAIGN is about supporting young people and communities to create the tools and knowledge they need to lead change.

When you support the campaign you help:

* Use my story to raise awareness of the harmful effects of gender bias on women, girls and families.

* Undertake special projects and collaborations with other campaigners, musicians, service providers, behavioural change programs, educationalists, communities and policy makers.


* Create educational resources (in multiple languages) that can be used alongside my school and community tours across Australia and India.

* Build an active network of young people and community leaders passionate about championing change


* Screen my film and talk to people about some of the issues in the film

* Help us invest in young people who already have great ideas for how to lead change

* Help me continue to raise awareness of acid violence


I believe that if we understand what gender bias is and how it creates violence against women and girls, then we all have the power to create lasting change.


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